Nikki's Bikini Pies

Nikki's Bikini Pies


2013 2nd Annual 4th of July Party!!

Wear your favorite patriotic bikini or Nikki's polka dotted bikini! All proceeds to benefit Fishing 4 Families in Need. Grand prize winner takes a full Basket of Cheer gift certificate, Pango Pango! swimsuit, and much more!

Anglins fishing pier
2 Commercial Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL



About Us

Nikki's Bikini Pies

Nikki moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida 18 years ago with her husband and daughters. She immediately fell in love with the beautiful ocean and all that nature had to offer. When she was 15, Nikki discovered Organic food and the importance of eating healthy. Nikki's mother had instilled in her an important philosophy-- your body is a temple, feed it well.

Nikki, the founder of Nikkis Bikini PiesOwning a restaurant was exactly where Nikki could use her knowledge of healthy living and organic foods and recipes. When she and her husband opened their 2nd cafe in 2009, Nikki was adamant about using only the finest ingredients and as much organic as possible. Nikki is dedicated to bringing back wholesome food that you will enjoy and feel good about eating.

Nikki is known in the neighborhood for making tasty, organic pies with little to no guilt. Her specialty is key lime pie that comes in different flavors. Nikki is excited to share a little bit of happiness with each one of her pies.

Every one of Nikki's Bikini Pies is made in her restaurant with all natural and organic ingredients. Nikki has carefully selected the best ingredients, including organic baking soda that doesn't contain aluminum. Each serving is 110 calories or less so you can enjoy it without feeling guilty.

Nikki's motto is, "Eating great food is the most important thing you can do for your body, mind, and spirit."

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